Miss Bea’s Wee Tales

Some wee tales, neither big nor clever. Read them on your way home from work.

It should take you about 6 minutes but if you are a slow reader, then it could take you 8.
If, however, you like your ageing lover to read to you aloud, then it could well take you 10.

Tale A For Apple

Jane was adamant that she was going to avoid her ex-boyfriend today. The fact that he was in bed wrapped around her, was going to make this difficult. She was not one to give up on a good idea though and so this plan was going to take some…well…planning. She had wasted ten quite average […]

Tale B For Banana

Between Tania Xavier and You. Tania Xavier 8 April at 17:19 Dear Ed, Could you please stop sending me messages to sponsor you in the London Marathon. I do not know you and have already sponsored four friends running. I don’t even know how I am part of your group. If you don’t stop inundating […]

Tale C For Carrot

John and Mary had a magical evening planned… …but then so had Dave.

Tale D For Dragonfruit

Larry was sure that, with all this snow, no one would notice one more frozen to death elderly woman. Now don’t get him wrong, Larry LOVED Dilly. No doubt about it. They had been married for forty-five years. She was his life’s plus one. His first. Perhaps, if he didn’t lose a bit of weight, […]

Tale E For Eggplant

A visual tale of Woah! Enjoy and Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Tale F For Fig

BLIND DATE OBSERVER This week we sent another set of singletons out for dinner. How did they get on? PROFILES/ RELATIONSHIP STATUS? Christine Bale, 29, Psycho-Analyst/ Bar Manager. Well I’ve been a “Single lady” (whoop!!!!!) for one year now, so while not exactly looking for love, I’d definitely shake it’s hand if it came up […]

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